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Advanced Telehealth platform

With huge explosion in the demand for telehealth services, providers are now convinced that telehealth not only improves health outcome and patient experience, but also helps in increasing revenue and reducing cost. Inspite of these benefits, current healthcare systems are already stressed and hence very cautious in doing any investment.

PROCLE Healthworks offers the providers with a highly secure and advanced telehealth platform to increase patient outreach and revenue by adding a fully compliant Telehealth service with ZERO investment.

Telehealth Reimbursement

With increasing popularity, the reimbursement policies are becoming more and more friendly with each year.


  • 48
    States and Washington D.C. reimburse treatment for live video.
  • 22
    State Medicaid programs reimburse for store and forward.
  • 9
    States Medicaid programs reimburse for all three forms.
  • 31
    States and Washington D.C. reimburse treatment for live video.
  • *States rarely view email | phone | fax as acceptable forms of service delivery.
  • Cross State Licensure


    states issue special licenses or certificates for telehealth.

    Private Players


    states and the District of Columbia have active parity laws that mandate commercial payers provide coverage and reimbursement for telemedicine services, as in-person services.


    Many telehealth services, such as remote radiology, pathology and some cardiology, are covered simply as physician services.


    PROCLE Healthworks offers the most advanced and highly secure HIPAA compliant communication platform that can be accessed using iPhone, iPad or any web device.

    Convenience and security at you finger tips.


    Collaborate either privately with your patient or in a group in a highly secure environment. Use live broadcast (streaming) for training or addressing your group.

    EHR Integration

    PROCLE Healthworks offers an easy way to integrate to your EHR.


    PROCLE Healthworks has been built to be compliant with the HIPAA standards which, ensures strict privacy and security standards for patients and providers.

    What Doctors Think of Us

    This is like an Uber for Doctors.

    Lisa S. | Cincinnati, Ohio

    Cool tool to improve patient access.

    John K. | Atlanta, GA

    Simple & Easy to Use.

    Adam M. | Los Angeles, California

    Love the video conferencing & screen share. 

    Kavita B. | Atlanta, Georgia

    Great branding tool to stay connected to my patients

    John A. | New York

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