Turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring

Improve health outcomes and increase revenue without increasing the practice workload.

Remote Health Monitoring - A win-win for all.

Remote monitoring is a proactive appraoch towards healthcare that saves lives, reduces hospitalizations & readmissions, improves financial & clinical outcomes and reduces cost by focusing on remotely tracking and monitoring patients vital data.

PROCLE HEALTHWORK's offers a device agnostic turnkey Remote Monitoring Solution that uses an unique Six Sigma based approach for capturing & analyzing patient's medical and other health data and helping the providers with timely action. PROCLE is ideal for monitoring

We do the heavy lifting.

Our differentiated approach

Integrated Telemedicine with RPM, Six Sigma Based Analysis Approach, Automated Activity Tracking Consolidated RPM Dashboard, Curated Notifications, Action Plan Management, Billing Support

Device Agnostic & Seamless Integration

Works with any cellular, bluetooth and USB digital health FDA approved devices. Integrated easily with your EMR and workflow. HIPAA compliant.

What Doctors Think of Us

This is like an Uber for Doctors.

Lisa S. | Cincinnati, Ohio

Cool tool to improve patient access.

John K. | Atlanta, GA

Simple & Easy to Use.

Adam M. | Los Angeles, California

Love the video conferencing & screen share. 

Kavita B. | Atlanta, Georgia

Great branding tool to stay connected to my patients

John A. | New York

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