Population Health Management

Manage population health by tracking, aggregating, analyzing and acting on patient data to improving overall health outcome.

Why Population Health?

The transition of healthcare industry from encounter-based to outcome-based care calls for the need of an efficient population health management.

PROCLE Healthworks provides a patient health management platform that improves the overall outcome, the quality of care & patient experience, at the same time reducing cost. It promotes patient engagement and motivates them to better self-manage their health.

Individual Patients

PROCLE Healthworks provides advance analytical tool to track & analyze the patient health data for early indicators of failure and act on it proactively to improve health outcome.

Patient Groups

Holistic approach towards analyzing data of a group of patients with similar healthcare needs to determine behaviors of health attributes along with social and physical environment that influences Health outcome and provides opportunities of improvement.

What Doctors Think of Us

This is like an Uber for Doctors.

Lisa S. | Cincinnati, Ohio

Cool tool to improve patient access.

John K. | Atlanta, GA

Simple & Easy to Use.

Adam M. | Los Angeles, California

Love the video conferencing & screen share. 

Kavita B. | Atlanta, Georgia

Great branding tool to stay connected to my patients

John A. | New York

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