Holistic Patient Engagement

Better understand your patients by connecting and building a credible and secure social network where providers & patients can contribute to improve overall outcome.

Mindset of Today's Patient

In the new era of healthcare consumerism, patients are demanding improved quality of service, improved convenience and most importantly, personalized care. They want better communication, convenience and engagement. They expect providers to provide a faster, better and improved service at a lower cost. They are willing to contribute to build a healthy society.

Are open to virtual medical office visits for non-urgent matters.
Feel their doctor would not recognize them in public.
Think post-discharge care would improve with better communication.

Lack of personal connection is hindering the doctor-patient engagement and hence the loyalty.


Providers spend millions of dollars in advertisement & marketing to attract and acquire new customers (patients) but very few focus on building and expanding a loyal patient base. In today’s competitive environment, where the providers are struggling to lower their cost and improve their margins, losing a patient is not affordable. The cost of acquiring a new customer is far more than the cost to maintain an existing customer.

Holistic approach towards Patient Engagement

PROCLE Healthworks is a highly secure and comprehensive social networking platform that can help bridge the connect gap and build a strong bond between the provider and patient.


With focus on user experience and mobile-first design approach, PROCLE Healthworks offers a simple, easy and cost effective way for providers to connect, engage and build professional relationships with their patients.

What Doctors Think of Us

This is like an Uber for Doctors.

Lisa S. | Cincinnati, Ohio

Cool tool to improve patient access.

John K. | Atlanta, GA

Simple & Easy to Use.

Adam M. | Los Angeles, California

Love the video conferencing & screen share. 

Kavita B. | Atlanta, Georgia

Great branding tool to stay connected to my patients

John A. | New York


Act now to change healthcare and build a healthy community.