Connected Care

Connect securely and on a HIPAA compliant device of your choosing. Where ever you go PROCLE is there with you.

What is Connected Care?

It is a way of connecting patients, doctors and health care providers together through various media devices. Where PROCLE stands out is we allow multiple avenues for communication and allow public and private collobration with patients and doctors.


PROCLE has been built the highest standards in internet security.


PROCLE allows secure connections from doctor to doctor relationships as well as patient to doctor and patient to fellow patients.


PROCLE is a web app that can be accessed at anytime from any device with an internet connection.

What Doctors Think of Us

This is like an Uber for Doctors.

Lisa S. | Cincinnati, Ohio

Cool tool to improve patient access.

John K. | Atlanta, GA

Simple & Easy to Use.

Adam M. | Los Angeles, California

Love the video conferencing & screen share. 

Kavita B. | Atlanta, Georgia

Great branding tool to stay connected to my patients

John A. | New York

organizations supporting procle

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